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We provide community bankers the clearest,
easiest-to-understand and most comprehensive
Asset/Liability Management reporting available.


Our ALM ADVISOR® asset/liability
management report was created to do one thing:

Make the increasingly complex subjects of
Interest Rate Risk and Liquidity Risk
easy-to-understand for you, your Board,
your ALCO and your examiners.


Since 1998, Bank Reporting Sciences
has provided ALM reporting to
hundreds of community banks
throughout the Nation.


We do not provide software.
We provide quarterly ALM reporting
on a completely
outsourced basis.


Our clients are community bankers
that want their ALCO reporting
to be as
simple as possible;
to be as cost-effective as possible; and
to keep their ALM reporting well
ahead of regulatory expectations.

Our Largest Client

Our Smallest Client

Our Average Client

$2.8 Billion

$10.2 Million

$228 Million



Simple does not mean simplistic.

Bank Reporting Sciences’ proprietary
ALM model stands among the most
advanced in the banking industry.


Our modeling software is continuously
innovated.  New capabilities are
routinely added that make the
ALM ADVISOR® more comprehensive and
keep the reporting
well-ahead of
regulatory expectations.


Current Modeling Results Reflected in the

Interest Rate Risk

Earnings-at-Risk & Economic Value of Equity-at-Risk




Ramp +100bp thru +500bp/-25bp thru -100bp


Shock +100bp thru +500bp/-25bp thru -100bp


Non-Parallel - 6 simulations



Liquidity Risk

Cash Flow Projections


Cash Flow Stress Testing


Liquidity Cashion Stress Testing



Assumption Stress Testing

Prepayment Stress Testing


Deposit Beta Stress Testing


Deposit Decay Stress Testing



Other Stress Testing

Capital Adequacy Stress Testing


Credit Quality Stress Testing



Calculated on a Bank specific basis

Loan Prepayments


Non Maturity Deposit Decay


Deposit Lags & Betas



Testing and Validation

On Board Earnings Simulation Back-Test


Annual Independent Validation



Allow us to demonstrate.
The best way to evaluate the ALM ADVISOR®
is with a
complimentary Bank specific sample.


Your complimentary ALM ADVISOR® will be
prepared using the most recently available
Call data and assumptions calculated by
Bank Reporting Sciences.


Send your ALM ADVISOR® request to


Your ALM ADVISOR® will be emailed
to you within 5 business days.

We will not contact you by phone unless
you specifically request a phone appointment.

BRS will NOT share your contact information with any third party.


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ALM Model Validation
CECL Model Validation
Balance Sheet Fair Value Exit Price Reporting
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Canary Reporting


Bank Specific Assumptions
BRS can provide you the following
modeling assumptions, all of which are
calculated entirely on a Bank specific basis:

Loan Prepayments
Non-Maturity Deposit Decay
Deposit Betas & Lags

Bank specific assumptions are available Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually


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